Happy Birthday

October 3, 2016
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Happy Birthday                            Happy Birthday


I just turned 11.
                                                  I did too.


We’re playing with dolls                  We’re playing with dolls
                                                    I'm heading to school,

I'm riding my bike.                        

                                                    I'm playing with my friends,
                                                    We’re on the swings.
I'm at Stacey’s house,
We’re playing dress up.
                                                    My mother looks worried,
                                                    And my father looks distress.
My parents are happy.


I love them                                    I love them


                                                    Airplanes strike near home,
                                         Military cars are roaming the streets.

The sun is shining bright,
I'm going to Disneyland.
                                                    We’re packing our bags,
                                             Mother says we have to move out.

Dad just bought a new house,
He says it has a pool.
                                                     I know today is a holiday,                                                          but I can't remember.
It's Thanksgiving day,
and our bellies are full.
I feel blessed.
                                                     Explosions go off at night,                                                             We have no food,                                                                         I feel alone.
I'm heading to school,
Oh how I hate my life.     
                                                      Dad says there's a shelter                                                         nearby, He says we have to                                                       move again.


Winter is here                                  Winter is here


                                                      It's cold, We’re running                                                             through a war zone. Mother                                                       covers my face, I can                                                               breath again.
I'm warm, Mother gives me

a beanie, and kisses my head.

                                                      Dad was left behind.
Dad left to work.


I cried                                             I cried

I just cut my hair,
I love short hair.
                                                      I'm losing hair, I loved my                                                         long hair.
I'm going on a private
plane, to visit my family.
                                                      I just lost my mother.


I feel scared                                    I feel scared   


Surrounded by family.
                                                      Surrounded by no one.


I am exhausted                                I am exhausted


I'm heading back home.
                                                       My home was destroyed.
It's my birthday,
                                                       It's my birthday too,


Happy Birthday.                                Happy Birthday.

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