October 3, 2016
By graciechapai1998 BRONZE, Canton, Illinois
graciechapai1998 BRONZE, Canton, Illinois
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The thing about heartbreak
Is that there isn’t
A single word in
The whole world to
Describe how bad it hurt.
Pain, loss, damaged, bruised.
Those words dont even compare.

Love happens to everyone
Even if you don’t believe it does.
You could argue and say that love isn’t real
That true love doesn’t exist.
Some people are stubborn and will insist that
Since their parents weren’t in love or that they haven't experienced it
That it isn't real

- but the thing about love
Is that you never know when exactly you start loving.
Maybe for some it’s when you realized you were being kissed with passion
Instead of lust.
Or when their eyes sparkled like the brightest star in the sky when they looked at you.
Or maybe it was when being in their arms felt more like home then your actual house.
But like all great things- It comes to an end.
If you're lucky, things might last.

But sometimes-
Everything is going good until all the sudden -It isn’t.
You put your All into one single person- And get hurt.
You could cry about it,
You could cry until you
Psychically couldn’t anymore.
Like all your tears have run dry
And your cheeks burn from
The lost contact of your salty tears.
Like the lost contact of them.
You’ve lost somebody that meant so much to you-That means so much to you.
That you have shared everything with.
You were connected. Emotionally, physically, mentally.
Maybe they left, or maybe you did.
But in the end, it's the sadness that stays.
In the end it's you
Everything you once had just


The author's comments:

i wrote this poem inspired by a persional heartbreak.

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