October 2, 2016
By , Nampa, ID

It's warm and humid during sunny skies,

And full of smoke deceitful;wise,

When it turns green to go,

The stream of cars seem to glow,

Living almost in a daydream,

When walking through the parks flowery gleam,

Watching the flowers bloom and bees fly by,

One would say it was no lie,

I stand and daze at the brilliant beaty and passion,

To see all taht stands alone in fashion,

We ask the lord from heaven above,

To show the world the greatest love,

For when the day ends its quiet with attained sized,

And we lay low to come again and rise,

And the sounds that controls are fears,

Are crying crickets coming down in tears,

Summer's a beautiful season to play and show,

A time of year to come aglow,

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