Pulsing Heart

October 2, 2016
By Anonymous

Surrounded by the people I love


My face, glowing from the sun


The beat of Dancing Queen moves my feet

I dace. I run.

I march.

But flash of blue-white-red 

red-white blue

And suddenly the sun is burning.

My legs are tired

The only beat I hear 

is that of my heart pushing blood into my brain.

A crack.

But it is only a party popper

Shot into the crowd

It won't happen I say.

The nagging voices in my head don't quit

Marchers around me laugh

But further, marchers fall

Laugh and die

Die laughing. Laugh at death.

Hear the sirens

I am terrified

Proud and terrified

Terrified of my pride 

Ashamed of my terror

Plastic beads dissapear into pockets

Sticker ripped off shirt

Poster rolled up.

Sirens wailing in the distance, 

I return home

The author's comments:

written after watching Sia's music video to "The Greatest"

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