(I can't forget you)

October 2, 2016
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I still remember the scent of your cigarettes


I remember the birthmark on your hip


(your boyfriend never noticed it despite the number of times he saw you naked)


(you had never noticed it either until I showed you)


(I’ve never seen you naked)


I remember the stories you told me about your mother


I could never forget what you looked like


When I rolled over in the middle of the night


Unable to sleep because of the heat


(we slept in your tent all summer)


(but it wasn’t yours- you borrowed it)


And my eyes settled on your face


I stared at you because you were asleep


You would never find out


(I swear to god you were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen)


(You still are)


(But beautiful doesn’t do you justice)


I remember how we stayed up til six in the morning


We watched movies


We talked a lot


(I got a migraine the next morning)


(Afternoon? We didn’t wake up til four)


(I threw up in your bathroom)


I laid down on your bed and you wrapped your arm around me


You had never seen me in pain


You told me I was scaring you


(I didn’t want to move)


(You had never put your arm around me like this)


(No one had)


I left an hour later


I missed the smell of your cigarettes


(even though they gave me a headache)


(maybe you would put your arm around me again)


I went to your house again after that


It was the best summer of my life


(we stopped talking once school started)


(the rain ruined your tent)


(but it wasn’t yours- you borrowed it).

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