October 2, 2016
By l_rajkovic BRONZE, Hillsborough, California
l_rajkovic BRONZE, Hillsborough, California
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Favorite Quote:
"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" -- my coach

I wake up and look in the mirror
The image I see just can’t be clearer

New Nike’s all black with the white lace
Red dots covering most of my face

Colagate with extra whitening
I use so much it’s almost frightening

New comb used to part my hair
I only use it after I’ve figured out what to wear

But that takes almost ten minutes
By the time I’ve got my shirt,
I’m hoping my vanity doesn’t have a witness

Fake Rolex but it looks pretty real
Flashy looks don't say what I feel

Everyone looks the same
A bunch of twins with different names
A hall of mirrors
With people playing the same games

Everyone deciding to go along for the ride
Individuality? Where?
If only you could look on the inside

We all pay so much attention to ourselves
Do these pants work with those shoes?
Acting as if we have something to lose

But since we’re only paying attention to one thing,
The me’s, myself’s, and I’s,
We’re not paying attention to other people

Mass self-absorbance cancels everything out
It’s as if human nature itself is in a drought

When no one pays attention to others,
All of our efforts just get smothered

By one great big paradox
We’re all open lockers
But nobody bothers to pick the locks

The author's comments:

People are usually too absorbed in themselves to notice other people. It's especially contradictory because we all want other people to notice things like our hair or clothes, yet if we all care about is other people notcing us, no one's noticing anyone else. It's a big paradox that plays itself out everyday in all of our lives.

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