The Broken Song

October 1, 2016

Cry me a river,

with leaking waters,

and dry gray grass,

with burning fires.


With trees that sing,

but only sad songs,

and no birds around,

to bring us our song.


With blood as water,

leading from your heart,

with rain drops of tears,

and no love left in your heart.


With lips that still count,

but only numbers of pain,

of the day I left you,

in the sad little rain.



And eyes still filled,

with the tears of that day,

from the love I had for you,

now left since that day.


The memories still there,

but the joy is leaking away,

now gone in the smog,

and birds now dying,

from their sad little song.


Cry me a river,

deep from the heart,

and remember our love,

which is now apart.



Cry me a river,

with waters that never stop,

but deep from the heart,

I wish we weren't apart.

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