The Girl I Left Behind

October 1, 2016

As I stand here gazing over the city
Wind blowing and whistling a tune in my ear
Sounding like a scream...a cry...a plea for help
From the once dim person who took over myself.

That dark dim person who felt like she was drowning;
Voices so loud, her head was pounding.
Waking up felt like sharp pain;
Especially when her life reminded her of the word, disdain.

But that dark dim person, I am no longer.
I’ver reached the highest point. I am stronger.
No more tossing and turning and crying myself to sleep.
That once dark dim person, I finally did defeat.

I am stronger now; stronger than my scars can show.
I am stronger than any kid, man, woman or soul.
That is the girl who I left behind
Now I am free, I can’t believe I was so blind.

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