October 1, 2016

I hate this place, you're all so mean.

You yell, you curse, and even scream.
I wish I could wake up from this never-ending dream.
Everytime I look at you, I turn green.

Why do you send me off to bed?
All of those poems you threw away... they remain unread.
And all of those mean comments cannot be unsaid.
I no longer feel green; all I see is red.

You don’t take care of me, not even when I had the flu.
You never let me be happy, you stole me away from my crew.
I hate this endless game; I wish it’d be through.
I no longer see red, but I am completely blue.

When I first saw you, I thought you were mellow.
Hey, maybe even a kind fellow!
But I have never been so wrong; I suddenly dream as my head hits my pillow...
When will I ever have the chance to feel yellow?

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