Land of Untold Thoughts

October 5, 2016

The ever kept bed that says he's never there to bring it warmth. The broken window says it sees regret and sorrow. The ring carelessly reminds of times long forgotten. The hidden picture wonders where they went wrong. The walls sympathize because they can't be separated like the boy. The posters Converse in agreement and that he is a boy in a man's position but lost in its past. Yet the box of old music the sheets CDs jotted verses talk of Hope and Dreams. They understand the boy and sing of strength and power. They sing of tough times and cry out for those lost. Murmurs in a still and quiet voice from the Bible on the desk saying, " he's on his way maybe one day he'll find the truth, and  soon speak." Then the room Falls silent with his somber return to listen of his Untold epic once more.

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