Favorte Sport

October 5, 2016

I wish I knew your favorite sport.
The only one of God’s many sports that get you to be yourself.
To get you to run out of that room of yours.
Your 2 parents and 2 siblings sit together around the kitchen table playing guessing games about it.
I bet it’s football.
Like a tackle i've never seen before.
But hear quite often your voice early morning.
If it is, I will watch every football game with you.
I'm sure you’d spend more time with me.
If i was that person that bonded with you.

Maybe it's soccer.
A full moon light shade that can be achieved by diving in water.
I will drown in a deep pool for a hug of yours.
Because i often forget you have arms.
Only reminded when I make a mistake.
They hit.
And you are oblivious to this.

Tell me it's basketball.
And i want you to know,
That there is a sports player inside my elbows.
So hug me, Brother.
Pretend that you like me long enough.
Suffocate me
Caved in shoulders and a rising bosom
Squeeze the life out of me so you can get to play your favorite sport again
Don't see it as a homicide
But a sacrifice for the greater good.

I know that you probably think i'm stupid
That this is just another one of my phases.
But i'm not stupid, Brother.
Humans just have stupid tendencies when they want to bond with us.
I want you to stop living a boring life in your room.
Pay close attention to the movement in your parents and siblings that play sports.
Maybe that way, you will finally see that your family is in fact your favorite sports players.

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