October 5, 2016

He was caressing my back and playing footsies with my toes,

his big arms draped around me tight,

in the misty moments of 2 a.m I felt his breath coming down onto my forehead and his loud yet quiet snores

under a sheet just us two with our TV show still playing in the background we gently dozed off into a trance.

with tired eyes i look up and see his beautiful boy sleeping still next to me in his bed.

so vulnerably innocent he lays as i examine his every feature.

those lips that make my whole boy go numb with one kiss,

those baby blue eyes that shine so beautifully in the sun,

and those hands that are always intertwined with mine.

at 2 am I feel at ease, laying beside my lover.

this is where the universe put me,

this is where i belong.

i want to spend the rest of time alive in this bed with you,

in this moment, so peacefully, forever.

i never want to wake up from our dreamland.

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