October 5, 2016
By Rapidragon1 BRONZE, Shreveport, Louisiana
Rapidragon1 BRONZE, Shreveport, Louisiana
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I am different than the
others who pointed it out,
Laughing at myself when the
others laughed at me,
Never knowing that it shouldn’t be funny
Never knowing that when the
others pointed, pushed, and pulled -
They were doing it in spite;

-DIfferent -

It wasn’t all bad.
Some weren’t the
Some stayed -
WITH me -
Yet they drifted away, and the
Others came back in.
10 years old and called
“ A joke “
“ Gay “
“ Him “
“ Jacka** “
“ Weird “
And called “dumb”, the
Others saw a freak -
Overbearing and worthless, too old to like this or that.
A freak told
“No one likes you!”
“Leave us alone!”
I am autis-

All because he was
Weak and cowering - the freak
decided to fight back.
A spine was needed
A spine was found
The freak pointed, pushed, and pulled.
Lashing back with his tongue-
A sword gleaming with the venom of
THEIR words
THEIR hate,
And through the haze of hurt,
And tears,
And “Kids will be kids” -
Another was found
Still here to this day.
Both different.
Freaks of Nature -
Lost then found.

Finally I belonged.

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