A Hero With an El Camino

October 5, 2016
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I don my cape,
Swishing and swinging.
A smile lines my face-
I open my door
and I set out.
My heart pumping
Looking for the star of the show.
One to fill the role-
I am the noble prince
She will be my princess-
My pockets
Clinking and swaying with the weight of my
What wonderful gifts they a-
but look there she is.
Such a pretty thing.
All min-
soon to be at least.
Beauty is fickle and fleeting.
Never meant to last.
Never meant to stay.
“Hello” I say
Do I know you? She asks
“You will.” I grin.
Get away from me! She shouts.
Leaning in-
“My darling dearest, I could never leave you!” I murmur in her ear.
A swift nick….
and she’s out like a light.
My gifts grow heavy in my pocket-
Let’s get going. They say.
My cloak flaps in response as We turn and leave

The light flickers on
My eyes light up at
the sight of Her on my table.
I pull my “gifts” out of my pocket
Sharp and gleaming
“Let’s get started shall we?”

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