The things that make me, me.

October 5, 2016
By JulieHerek BRONZE, Bay City, Michigan
JulieHerek BRONZE, Bay City, Michigan
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I am from small adventures with the neighborhood kids.

I am from annual trips,

to Cedar Point.

I am from waking up to my breakfast made on the kitchen table,

and the smell of French Vanilla Coffee filling the air.

I am from a white picket fence house,

filled with giggles.


I am from a happy dog always running around me

and warm blankets to cuddle me

during the darkest of nights.

I am from yearly Christmas parties spent with,

the Herek clan.

I am from bronzed skin from swimming all day,

accompanied by misquito bites from adventuring at night.

I am from weekdays spent at dance class,

and scoring soccer goals all Sunday long.


I am from a supportive family,

a loving home.

I am from the Pink room at the end of the hallway that's always cleaned,

and the girls in the room next door that I tell my secrets,

and my dreams.

The author's comments:

It was a litany poem about everything that makes me who I am

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