Sadly It's Red

October 5, 2016

I hate the color red
But yet I see it everywhere
  I don't mind it at all
   But I hate it
    I like apples but
     Not red things
      It's me, not you
       Actually, it's not my fault
        It's yours…
         I despise you
          Like I despise people wasting food
           Red is something that could have emotions
            But for me, it's just a color
             If it was a darker red I maybe would have loved it but
              It's just “red”.....nothing special
               I rather jump off a hill then
                Liking the color red
                 No…..but like real talk tho...
                  I don't like the color red
                   It's a warm color or hot color
                    I hate warm and hot weather
                     I rather freeze to death than die from the heat
                      I like to blame the color red for spring & summer
                       Also, I hate those seasons
                        As much as I hate my older sister
                         Since I hate red I am guessing
                          She likes red because I both hate them
                           She eats my food so I despise her also
                             When it comes to food being red
                              It's acceptable to like the color red
                               Once again I hate red
                                 I hate it…..
                                  I would never love the color red
                                   Unless it's food.

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