October 5, 2016

Longboarding sets me free in a sense.
I am the one in control.
No matter where I go or how fast
It's all up to me.
No one tries to stop me.
The breeze and fast moving air is refreshing
And it makes me feel like a new person.
The beautiful stars and the gorgeous sunsets
Rising and falling with every second
Are a sight to behold.
The rush is intense.
So intense I start to shake.
My nerves telling me to slow down or jump off.
But i have to fight those feelings because I love it.
It feels as if you're standing on the edge of a cliff
Looking over the edge with nothing stopping you from falling.
The fast wind making it hard to keep your eyes open.
Your heart pumps a thousand miles a minute.
Knowing that if just one thing goes wrong you could wake up in the hospital.
You feel so alive.
With the fear of falling always present.

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