Saying Goodbye

September 30, 2016

It’s when we suffer tragic loss,
They help us bear the heavy cross.
Preserving loved ones in their rest,
They try to fill each last request.


Within the valley’s shadowed death,
They help us stop and catch our breath
They offer comfortand relief
To cope with sadness, stress and grief.


From older folks to juveniles,
They walk with us through many trials.
And as we share our sad goodbyes,
We see compassion in their eyes.


With hope and wisdom to impart,
They comfort each sad, broken heart.
They offer guidance through the day
And gently help us find our way.


As I live each day,
May I do my part
To make a difference and,
Touch ones heart.

Each day it is my goal,
To bring smiles & laughter
Into a soul!

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