My Backyard

September 30, 2016
By Anonymous

All the hard work and long hours
Shows by the way the landscaping lays so perfect
The multiple shades of green
With small splashes of vibrant color here and there

Peering over the small green bushes
I sit in my lawn chair observing
Taking in what nature has to offer
Gazing at the beautiful backyard my mother spends countless hours on

The sunlight beams through the tall dead tree hanging over the garage
The tree we have been waiting years for to fall
Looking at the beautiful garden that lines the back wire fence
And the old rusty windmill standing tall in the garden
Turning oh so slightly to the little gusts of wind that come now and again
A gust so small it’s as if I puffed my cheeks with air and blew it all out

Sitting in my lawn chair at my patio table
Sunlight beaming down on me on this cool day
Adoring the beauty of the great outdoors
And my beautiful backyard my mother works so hard on

The author's comments:

It is about the great beauty of the outdoors and all the hard work and long hours my mom spends on our backyard.

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