let's change the world

October 6, 2016

What this world need is a spark of good.
A spark is all that is needed to start a
chain reaction.
What is that spark?
That spark is doing what's right, respecting
others, being a friend, and standing up for
what you believe.
There have been many who have do good in this
people like Rachel Joy Scott, and Martin Luther
King JR.
Why can't we have more of these people?
Why is it that we must have what we want
when we want it?
Why is it that we have to get what we want by
Why can't this world be a place of respect?
Why can't we protect our friends from others who
want somthing they have.
It's about time that some one stood up and did
what's right.
It's about time that
humanity becomes more humane.
But it can only start from you.
I can't do anything about it, your friend can't do
anything about it, only you can.
only you can change the world.

"Lets change the world together." ~Alex Teine

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