Mom/ why so fast

September 30, 2016
By Gray1 GOLD, Carefree , Arizona
Gray1 GOLD, Carefree , Arizona
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The simple news you wrote
Of the winding town beneath you
Goodbyes tend to be so transparent


You cried with no tears
And you begged
without being on your knees
Holding my hand so invisibly


While Letting go of the night
You bled in shades of blue
the world holding pieces of your chassis


Clinging to them
Like your seatbelt before a car crash
Your heart beating louder than ever
Leaves my ears ringing

I take the sickle from your grip
And drain the lukewarm bath 
Face pale and arms limp
Head cocked to the side


I picked you up
Rocking you, stroking your sodden hair
Crumbling your goodbye

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