Inside But Not

September 30, 2016

Standing alone in her thoughts...a muddle of ideals and unimaginable detail
She looks on in disbelief as her thoughts have wandered astray,
Filling her mind with all of these new learnings, and all of these new people

This world, her world has never taken her where she cannot return,
It has never told her she cannot, and
It has never said that there isn’t another way, another chance

She who in plain eyes is viewed as ordinary, is truly inconceivable
Searching on she is seeing her consequences and her awards

Yes a child, but an adult
Both swirled together inside

But try as you might to get into her mind and into her way of thought
All of which would be in vain without the key given by her
You may never perceive what you wish to know
For she had shown you inside through glass, but shatterproof it was and is still,
Hidden in the depths of her thoughts, you must earn your way to that key
Taking the challenge, and attempting the impossible possibility

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