Feeding Reindeer

September 30, 2016
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I sat in the seat of my car patiently waiting.
The drive home felt like years.
In my hands, I held something so sacred.
Looking at it now, it was just oats and sparkles
But as a kid, it was magic.
A secret recipe the elves would never share.
My family gathered around as I poured the magic on the front lawn
then quickly ran upstairs to bed.
As soon as daylight hit my window, I sprung out of bed and ran outside.
The food was gone!
The air around me began filling with joy.
Reindeer had been to my house.
Every once in awhile, I close my eyes and think of that night.
Something about it, still so innocent and pure.
Although it may be harder to find,
the magic is still there if you look close enough.

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