A Boy (Of Course....)

September 30, 2016
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I know a boy who could say anything,
And I would continually swoon.
Little did I realize though, I was his personal goon.
He talked to me sweeter than any type of candy,
But left his nauseating effect on me like the aftertaste of brandy.
The words he would compose for me were more breathtaking than any flower,
But the actions he took upon were what made things turn sour.
The secrets I shared I knew for certain he would keep,
And even when I spilled my thoughts, I knew he wouldn’t make a peep.
Regardless of what I told him about any of my fears,
He would always listen to me carefully throughout all of my tears.
He found himself someone pretty for whom he called his “Girlfriend,”
And it wasn’t until after all of this that I began to comprehend.
Week went by without either of us saying a word,
And after being so very close, I found this ridiculously absurd.
Eventually, I gave up and went crawling back,
But the excuses he gave me made him look like a flack.
Shortly, however, I realized he wasn’t the same,
And all that I thought he felt—well—there wasn’t that flame!
No matter what I do, I can’t seem to make him laugh,
And stop trying to make me explain myself, I don’t know the half!
The only thing I want, is to go back to how it used to be,
But I want one change; for him to love ME.

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