Depression is a War

September 30, 2016

Depression is a war.

A battle against yourself.
Every thought is a bullet,
Every movement is a punch.
There is no where left to run.

Depression is a thief.

It steals everything you once had.
It makes you the enemy, like a knife through the back.
It makes you the weak one
Robbing you of everything you once were.

Depression is an ocean.

Just a sea of emotions, but you're drowning everyday.
Taking on the waves, trying to survive.
Swallowing all your hope, dragging you down to the bottom
There is no more hope, just let them take me so I can fly.

Depression is a pit.

Never ending pain,
Never ending struggles.
There is no light, like on a cold and dark stormy night.
There is no escape.

Depression is a war.

You either win, or die trying.
You give it everything you have,
Because there’s nothing left to lose.

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