Chemical Warfare

September 30, 2016
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It was the end of last school year
Austin, Rudy and I all decided
That we wanted to hang out in
Downtown Royal Oak
Because that’s what we do
Everytime we hang out.

We were walking down Main st.
Just past the old closed down law office and
We turned down the alley
Toward the drive-through bank right there.

At the dumpster we saw a pile a fire extinguishers
There must have been fifteen.
These were not those wimpy home versions,
Oh no,
These were big commercial grade fire extinguishers.

We said to ourselves
“Selves? That’s what we need to do with our night-
we need to take these fire extinguishers
Back to rudy’s house.”

We piled into Rudys stepmoms minivan
with four  fire extinguishers,
The streetlight above us,
We grabbed a fire extinguisher and ran away.

The game was afoot.
After dodging and weaving
For a few minutes
We converged upon each other, pins pulled.

Running past each other,
Spraying as we went,
We were covered in chemical spray.
Coughing and hacking,
Choking on the chemical.

We had one left
So we just put it in Rudy’s house
Shaking off the chemical
We walked into Rudy’s back door
Rudy’s dad asked
“what’s that horrible smell?”
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