They, They Stare

October 4, 2016
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They know you. They see you. They hear you. Some only stare.
The one that stare are the quiet, the devoted, the ones on a colossal course of revenge that doesn't exist.. If people saw them the world would be in torturous pain. Seeing how they stare and watch. How they never talked, but hide in the shadows, keeping their ground when seen.
Frozen, but screaming on the inside.
Look away from them and they disappear, going off to find another person, victim, even child making sure that they can feel them being watched.
You see them. You’ve heard of them. But you can’t talk to them. You’re the reason that they are there, and until you see them, and see the wrong, the pain, the heartfelt crying and nervousness in their deep souls.
They can be fixed, help, retreated, given another chance, but always there even when their not. Knowing what you’ve done, why you did it, and how you feel afterwards.
Joyous of your winning revenge.
Melancholy of why you tried.
Hurt for yourself and them.
And finally, really loved after how you treated what happened.
No matter what you feel though they are still there, trying to watch your every move, keeping track of your daily life. Making you remember what you did, with every little step and move you take.
They only hurt, cause you wanted this for yourself, hoping to feel better, not understanding why you had to, even though you wanted to make your friends and family suffer after how you wanted your little revenge.
But Regret is something you had chosen.
Chosen to watch you.
And Regret will follow you until it is seen and forgiven.

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