September 30, 2016
By , Royal oak, MI

In this body built for one, you entered in this cramped space of mine,
you brought your self-deprecating issues and forced your entry.

When you hear or think of the color blue you think of sadness,
loss, and sorrow.
I think of the sky,
my favorite flowers.

I think of beauty,
How color can be symbolized as an emotion
other than love was unfathomable to me
then I met you.

You became blue to me,
you were everything beautiful,
the way your eyes would squint when you would laugh,
the way I would never forget the blue that would stain your ear after reclaiming your natural state.

Gaining your hidden nature of destruction under the creativity and stupidity I lost myself in you,
and you let it happen and you slowly broke me and replaced me bit by bit into your own puppet,
the puppet master and her toys never far from each other.
Now it’s only you, you… you are the one who has destroyed everything beautiful in my life,
you took my blue, and ripped it in front of my innocent eyes.

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