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September 30, 2016
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I am surrounded by a world of art and super craft
I’m astounded by the one who made a draft,
Of this wonderful creation…
Everything is brilliantly made;
I say this is the new art,
As opposed to the techy drawing or artistry,
The literary text or dramatic compositions.
I’m talking of a new mode of expression,
Where, you manipulate zeroes and ones to create unimaginable things.
Be it web apps or end user apps. It has all the capabilities.
Believe me or not, it is all based on the mind.
The perfect artist, God, gave instructions to nature;
Which compiled them and in an execution of seven days,
All was as we see the world today.
Tell me my friend, is there any scientific explanation to that, other than IT?
A set of conditions that determine the outcome of a human being,
Be it short, tall, big, small, black, yellow, red, or any other racial characteristic.
Best case scenario is that we were made to create instructions too to be followed.
From a simple computer machine, the ENIAC, the history of man was changed.
We had pioneered the power to code and display our data electronically.
This is no longer a preserve of the few, Computer Engineering geeks, we all have a chance…
Coding is now like a talent, as simple as that,
It all begins with understanding the programming languages,
They have their rich sets of syntax and objects like any other language.
So instead of tiring your mind all the day sexting your friends,
Just pick your device and start coding; tell me?
If both Bill Gates, Zack Zuchenberg, and Bucky Roberts, were all college dropouts,
And have succeeded in software development than any other PHD holder,
Who are you not to take that step too? Huh…
This is the true gospel of coding,
Among the favorite tools we all need are the text editors, and web browsers
From that on you’ll be the next promising developer.
Our true founding father to programming is God;
Right from Genesis he commanded everything to exist,
He created and event handler that gave all life a continuous life sequence
Everything seems phenomenal, right from life to death.
The coded messages in us that control our lives are very fascinating.
Compared to electric devices that use electricity, that is unreliable,
Our bodies consume food that has chemical energy to produce electricity,
Our systems are powered for decades without ever failing.
Since a computer is made to carry out instructions
We are made to live by the codes embedded I us.
That is why all human feelings and ideas are the same in all the world
God made us live human like he intended.
And we should also make our art live as we want it to be.
I’m not trying to be cynical or agnostic

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