call it a letter

September 30, 2016
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They say love is for the blind, I don’t care and will never mind. It’s hard to find any meaning in these rhymes If I have no single dime. Its fine, you got love, and I not, so what for that? I had you as my first crush, All those feelings in a single smash… All gone away…never to come back. Never ever in my midst, I’ll call it a letter. Like an apple fallen from a tree, I’m still attached to you, As the lame hold on to the crutch, I will search all I need to… Come next to you…ha-ha! That’d be very funny, because the weather is calm and sunny, I picture you as my world, if my tide turns worse to bad, I’ll still call it a letter I’ve had so many momentous times in life; But never ever as my silent craving for you, It has burnt me from deep within, but I’ll let it all out. You have moved on in life, so what? I’ll spill it out, and…we’re good. I’ll enjoy my times as a broken heart, Hell yeah, my heart needs a break…from my infatuation, and I’ll move on. When it’s all done I’ll still call it a letter.

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