A Tour In Hell

September 30, 2016
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A tour in hell
I awoke in my deep slumber
In the wee hours of the night
What can be described as?
Twilight, came to my view
I stood aghast in fright
My fears had countered all the delight, I,
Had, during the day.
What, could ever mesmerize me more?
Than a, sudden interruption to my sleep.
I'll be a goner if I lay more curses
I stood to my feet,
My feet were afloat in the air
Was I enchanted? I asked myself.
No one could ever defy the laws of gravity,
Even the good old, sir, Isaac Newton,
He had it all wrong
Things are affected by his law, at night,
When we are in deep sleep

My lips and were pale blue
With a shade of brighter hue
A plastic face filled with cosmetic joy
Tell me, is that all I am worth?
I guess not.
I have travelled far and wide.
Not even Mark Apollo is like me...
My, mind was thrown into a gaze
The skies were filled with dark smoke, and,
Flaming embers rose to the heavens.
Had the apocalypse come so soon?
I would be dammed.
If it did come to pass

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