Product Of My Environment

September 30, 2016
By , Royal Oak, MI

I come from alleys, streets and sidewalks with broken glass
I come from seeing houses with boards on the windows
I come from tall, uncut grass
I come from local and childhood school closings
I come from graffiti and vandalized buildings
I come from an environment less violent that most in my position
I come from a woman who puts others wants, and needs ahead of most
I come from a woman who put my brother and sisters in the best possible situation to succeed
I come from rough childhood
I come from many schools, which is where you make friends
I come from Birney, Detroit Academy of Arts & Science, Erma L. Hendersen, Plymouth Educational Center, Halfman, Michigan Math & Science Academy and now Royal Oak High School.
I come from a school where I was at for 4 years where i had friends well at least i knew people, then I was forced to come here where I knew no one, on the first day I was very alone. I felt as if I were on the face of the earth by myself, at times it hurt and I wanted to cry but couldn’t.
I come from the heart, mind & soul when I say or do something. So it’s very rare that I talk to someone i don’t know.
I come from hardships, depression, desperation, dishonesty, and distrust. Many people only talk to me to get something for themselves, not to be my friend

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