Always Remember

September 30, 2016
By , Royal Oak, MI

Strangers walk by like birds in a flock
Flapping and squawking aimlessly,
Talking about everything and nothing
Everything seeming to matter and nothing actually important

But those minutes in an hour
Those seconds in a minute
The world seemed to pause
Everyone’s squawking went on pause

15 years have gone by and yet the world stays silent
It stays changed
It stays with a breath held in,
Scared to release

Every ones eyes got big,
Their breath was still,
Their mouths hanging open
And skin turning pale.

Some mutter an “Oh my god”
Others covered their mouths and cried.
People called their loved ones
Hanging on to the silence and waiting.

It was changed when those planes hit
The Pentagon,
The Twin Towers,
A field in Pennsylvania.

Lives lost in those crashes
And lives changed forever by them
September 11, 2001
A day that will truly never be forgotten.

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