Cedar Point

September 30, 2016
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Waiting in line patiently all excited and adrenaline filled
We were getting ready with our hearts pounding with excitement
Sitting in line made us feel like we were there all day
But the line wasn’t getting any shorter like I say
In fact it was getting longer and longer into the day

Finally we were on the Gemini we sat down
And looked around at the track we were ready
We fastened our seat belt it was a perfect day for a ride
And we were almost off the track
But had to wait for safety instructions

We took off racing the red cart
As we turned the first corner and up the hill we were nervous
We went up the hill click clack the coaster went on the track
And with a swoosh we were down the first hill
The wind whizzing past us as we flew through the air

We were beating the red cart as everyone’s adrenaline raised and raised
Around every turn we went flying and zooming as we turned the last corner
We were losing to the red
But on that final turn we beat them and it was a feeling of freedom
The freedom of no worries for 1 minute.  

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