Living in the Moment

September 30, 2016

What do I do about myself
I live in the past
i worry about the future
Other than breathing
I'm not living at all in the moment
Enjoy it while it lasts
Savor it while the taste still stings our tongue
And still we hold on to slipping memories
And try to control where we end up
By planning and imagining and hoping
Until that is our view of reality
And the present doesn't feel really important
How do we get anywhere if we don't live?
We just sit
Waiting for the world to change for us
How does he have it so easy?
Why is the spontaneous moment fascinating?
At the mention of the future I start running
Towards a fading light that I know will not be there
Instead of enjoying the sunshine
Oh such a sun you are
That I hope to let shine in my life for as long as I can
Just breathe and laugh in the moment
And the mistakes and past will teach you things
And you forget who did what to you
And the future is excitingly waiting
For you to get there after you've lived the sweetness
Of now, of every breath
In and out your body
Lives change in single moments
Hearts heal with time of struggle and laughter
One foot in front of the other
Living in the moment darling
You and I

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