September 29, 2016
By Anonymous

Love is many different characters.
Love can be the subtle butterfly,
Love can be the sturdy, steady tree.
Love can be the endless open ocean.
“But the most wonderful Love,
The Love of all Loves,
Even greater than the Love for your mother,
Is the infinite, tenderest, passionate love
Of one dead drunk for another.”1
The Love where you feel most safe,
Most comforted,
In their arms.
The Love where even the color of the trees reminds you of their hair.
The Love where whatever you do,
It is easily done with them. That person.
The Love that carries you through the world
With excitement, promise, joy and trust.
The Love that eliminates all your cares and worries of this world,
Because your Love for this person makes it all worth it.
This Love, This Love is rare.
This is the Love that makes your cheeks turn a little red,
But you can’t get enough of it.
This Love has surprises, adventures,
This Love will be found,
And kept.
Because this love knows its way.

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