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September 29, 2016
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I’ve always loved reading when I was little
Knowing of a new adventure waiting inside excites me
And having it all in the palms of your hands
Being able to flip 20 pages without even knowing that you flipped one
It’s something that you can’t take away from me
It’s an addiction

Crisp pages
Words flowing from left to right
Intertwine together to make the best story you have ever read
Books are sad
Books are funny
Books are underestimated

No, I’m not a dork if I read
You probably just haven’t found the right book yet
There is millions!
How can’t you?
Books are for everybody
For sport lovers
For fantasy freaks
For horror fanatics

I once had an encounter with a wizard
He showed me his wand, his spells, the magic that he held
Then I chatted with a vampire about the world
Will garlic actually kill you?
And Martin Luther King Jr. showed me his journey from his father and him being discriminated
To delivering one of the most influential speeches out there about racism, “I have a dream”

Opening a book is smelling the sea
Seeing the struggles of a woman in the 1900s
Being able to feel the heat of the volcano as you try to escape out of it
Opening a book is something you have never felt before

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