I Dive to the Sound of Silence

September 29, 2016
By RoseR BRONZE, Flushing , Michigan
RoseR BRONZE, Flushing , Michigan
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I dive to the sound of silence;
Diving is my old friend.
I practice again and again.
Visioning myself, in front of crowds
Doing a front summy half twist;
Only hearing the sound of silence.

I step on the board,
Narrow and noisy
Four steps, hurdle, plant
Only hearing the sound of silence.

I feel the stabbing pain,
From smacking on my stomach
The people watching gasp,
Breaking the sound of silence.

I’ll be diving for 10 thousand people, maybe more
To see me.
Doing flips off the board
Stepping up,
With only the sound of silence to be heard.

But until then,
I’ll be diving for high school.
Practicing everyday
Going to league meets, counties, metros, regionals, and states
The judges and spectators watch
Sitting in the stands
Quietly, to the sound of silence

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