September 29, 2016
By , Flushing, MI


Flowers, Flowers, Flowers
There’s so many different types
Balloon flowers

So many to choose
You can simply pick them
For me, I take my
I look them
Over and over
I wonder?
How it could be
Through a beautiful flower

Flowers are rare and kind
Like when someone
Makes a bouquet
Some are so rare
When you find that prefect one
That’s it

To my happy thoughts
When I look at that
Rare flower
Your face comes to my mind

That flower
sweet, different and unique
Reminds me of my
Dear friend
In my life I have
Always cared for
No matter what
Who just simply can’t be beat




F is for Forever and ever
R is for always Respecting me
I is for when I Include you
E is for all the I have Encouraged you
N is for all the times we Needed each other
D is Desiring a lifelong friendship


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