Christmas Day

September 29, 2016
By RyRylando BRONZE, Royal Oak, Michigan
RyRylando BRONZE, Royal Oak, Michigan
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It was a cool Christmas morning
Fire burning, bacon cooking
Gifts galore, packing the tree,
Waiting for my mom to get up
Happy as could be
When my mom wakes up
I jumped up in the air with joy
Because we were all good to go
So many presents
Didn't know which one to choose
But then there one was
It was a very weird one
The present was moving
I thought that it was pretty weird
Interested at the same time
So that's the first one I opened
Picked it up and something moved
I was scared, so so scared
Opened it up and there it was
Small, stout, and soft
Two beautiful small little kittens
They run around so filled with energy
So sweet and cute
Even though one is fat now
Likes he's in a eating competition
but overall
They are the best Cats, and pals
A owner could have ever asked for.

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