Loyalty Is Earned

September 28, 2016
By jmarin2019 BRONZE, Las Vegas , Nevada
jmarin2019 BRONZE, Las Vegas , Nevada
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I'm not gon front I had a lotta friends
People came up to me saying I needa lose em
They talking behind my back
They lack loyalty Another one dropped

That's my Best Friend Thats my Best Friend
You my sista I got you till the end
I'll lend you anything but you gon keep it k
Like it ain't there knowing I saw it on facetime
You wasted my time because you outta your mind
Started talking behind my back
She lacked loyalty Another one dropped

You like my sister you over misters
But not when it comes to mine I see
Gonna lie that you wasn't at his house
Giving him head while he left me on read
You ain't slick that's why I let you bleed
Laughed in your face
stomped you out like it was a race
She lacked loyalty Another one dropped

He was the brother I neva had
Always held me when I wept
My head on his shoulder as he told me not to worry
As soon as he had a girl he thought she was a baddie
When she said frog he would jump
I ran up on her twice wasted my time
I caught her with another boy
He thought I was a liar
Turned the corner his heart shattered as he saw her lips on another boys’
It was too late
He lacked loyalty Another one dropped

That's my Best Friend that's my Best Friend
She the one I need since she neva lead with a lie
She my ride or die known her since 5th grade
She glew up and grew up into a educated female
She rise me up since she don't cry over life
She laughs in it's face
She my barbie
We neva fight because that ain't right
She has loyalty She stick with me
That's my Mitzy

She my baby mama that's my lil sister
She a real one
My love for her is unexplainable
I usually chill with her in the night knowing it aint right
She the light at the end of the tunnel
I lend her clothes and she lend me clothes
We share because that's what sisters do.  It's rare when we not together
We do dumb stuff because it's fun
She run my world and I run hers
She's my rock and I have luck for having her in my life
She don't waste my time but she outta her mind
She 4’11 but she say she 5’2
She has loyalty She stick with me
That's my Maria

That's my Baby That's my Baby
She 4’11 but she crazy
She the life of the party but she lazy
I don't know what I would do without her
It's too hard to look for another midget who I love
She got the booty don't forget the front she got that too
If I lose her I would cry since she know I would die
She ain't shy to be the first to dance since I'm usually with her at parties
She always looking popping with her fleeky nails and her eyeliner goals
She always roll with me to the kitchen to go upstairs and troll on Netflix and watch Grey's Anatomy
She has loyalty She stick with me
That's my Alyssa

The author's comments:

I would prefer having 3-5 good loyal friends than having 100 bad friends.

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