Young Deezy Raps

September 28, 2016
By Anonymous

young deezy has so much flow

hes a great rapper dont you know

all of his raps are such fire

if you dont think so then your just a liar

young deezy has alot of haters

when he balls he hits all the faders

young deezy is really good

if you havent heard him then you should

young deezy raps lets make it official

man he has so much potential

he is flyer than a third degree

he could get all the fishes in the sea

young deezy has family and friends

right now he is driving a mercedes benz

now he might be a little hype

but just know hes living the good life

The author's comments:

a close friend of mine started rapping on instagram and alot of people like his songs and alot of them dislike and im just trying to support him with what he wants to do.

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