September 28, 2016
By LisaRose PLATINUM, Groton, Connecticut
LisaRose PLATINUM, Groton, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
-Robert Frost

Here I am

Here and now

Pushed aside by busy bodies

Knocked around by shoulders and elbows

Fighting the urge to run away

All alone I face the day

No one to guide me

I walk alone

Looking to rest my aching bones

Born into fire, I was a child made of ice

Always alternating between wrong and right

Blue eyes reflect the way I feel

With each day seeming more surreal

A liars smile on my lips

Thimbles hiding my fingertips

Collateral damage dressed in black

With a hot iron spine for an unbreakable back

barefoot and cautious I walk on glass

Through thin walls and shadows I pass

Hearing things I don't want to hear

Sensing danger before it is near

Fighting the urge to run away

All by myself I face the day

As I walk into the forest dark and deep

I search for a place of peaceful sleep

Dry leaves crunch beneath my feet

The scent of winter, bitter sweet

Frost has set upon the ground

And there isn’t a person to be found

A crystallized chorus of ice sickles clang

Like transparent bars on a jail cell, they hang

A watercolor sky now grows dark

On a star lit journey I embark

Through canyons, lost mountains, and forests I roam

At a small wooden cabin, I am finally home

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