The Titanic

September 27, 2016
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Our love was like the Titanic
I thought we were “unsinkable”
On this unsinkable ship there were thousands of passengers
These passengers were the promises you made to me
All my hopes and my dreams
Oh! How everyone was happy
You seemed to actually be my unsinkable ship
But then, the iceberg came
Unlike the Titanic, you didn’t even try to avoid that iceberg
We took it head on…
All of our hopes, our dreams, your promises
They sunk down to the bottom of the Artic sea water
Just to become a distant, painful memory
You survived the crash, you’re okay
You’re living life to the fullest
But I am haunted with the memories
Physically, I survived the crash
Emotionally, I am frozen
I sunk to the bottom of that ocean
I sunk with our dreams and your promises
And I am still trying to swim my way back up to the surface
Because deep down inside of me, I know my life has a purpose

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