Home is Where your Heart is

September 27, 2016

You don’t truly know where home is until you’ve left

Life in Missouri was a privilege I grasped my whole life.

I remember it all….

I remember smelling the sweet scent that lingers in the timber.

I remember feeling the thick humid breath of mother nature.

I remember peering out across the rolling gold ocean of crops.

I remember the Old School Trucks,
Roaring by as they scream down main-street with a passionate purpose

Best of all, I can still remember the irresistible smell of Grandma’s
Homemade biscuits and gravy.

That's all long gone now…

Two thousand endless miles away…

As my hollow body roams every dark crack and crevice I realize…

I am empty.

Where my heart should be, there is only emptiness

My heart skips around joyfully through the side streets and the exhilarating backroads of home.

I am split in two..
Half of me here,
Half of me there

Don't let your body fool you,
Home is where your heart is

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