September 27, 2016
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My brother
Last year i went down south
My brother had moved there last year
I remember the exact day that he left
That’s the day i started to miss my brother

When i got to Nashville Tennessee
There was a big difference from Nashville and Michigan
So many cars,lights, and people
We arrived there about 3 in the morning
We got lost so our brother had to come and find us

Every morning my brother had to work for 10 hours straight
It was hard to hangout with him when he was at work
On the weeknights and weekends is the only time we had to hangout with each other
One day we went to the Grand Ole Opry
That was a really fun memory with my brother

Two weeks later it was time to leave
My brother had always been a big impact on me
As i’m writing this poem i am thinking about him
I’m just happy to see that he is happy where he is at
I can’t wait to see him in April of 2017 to see him get married



Wrestling Medal

I have a wrestling medal that i won last year. This medal is a medal that i got at my first wrestling tournament of my high school career. It is a light brown/dirty gold color with an eagle on the front  This medal is a small round metal piece that’s about 2 fingers wide. This medal is special to me because it shows what i have accomplished. I’t means so much to me because whenever i look at it i think of that exact day. This medal came from Frankenmuth high school, My last match is what comes to my mind. Why? Because that is the match i needed to win to get that medal. This represents who i am because that 1st tournament changed the whole season because i took 1st place tht day.

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