September 27, 2016
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We’re gonna be alright.
Being a teenager may be tough,
and that small breakup may seem like the end of the world,
But we’re gonna be alright.
We may think our best years are behind us,
That all that’s left is work and hardship’
But we’re gonna be alright.
Our lives are tough right now
And they’re only going to get tougher,
But we’re gonna be alright.
For those of us who are terrified of the future
That college will be too big,
That we will never be with our friends again,
Or that we will never have that “at home” feeling again,
We’re gonna be alright.
It goes on one way or another
There are going to be times that we are upset,
Or scared of what’s to come,
But we’re teenagers
We’re gonna be alright.

We will mess up,
Make mistakes,
Regret things in life,
And wish we would’ve done things differently,
But we’re gonna be alright.
So enjoy these years,
Do all that you can
Soak up every moment
Make mistakes
But don’t regret a thing.
Have fun with friends
And enjoy your family
Because after high school things will change,
But I can promise one thing,
We’re gonna be alright.

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