September 27, 2016
By , flushing mi, MI

Memory Poem

Colder than the water when you turn it on in the morning
Whiter then the clouds on a winter day
More festive than your family reunions
As I used to build snowman
And sled down hills

As the nights grew shorter
The hot chocolate grew hotter
As christmas approaches
Christmas break finally arrives
We are let go for two weeks

The kids wake up christmas morning and rush downstairs
They rip open their gifts like a lion rips open its prey
The family comes over and has christmas dinner
The kids ignore the family and play with their gifts
The snow keeps falling like it has no care in the world

As the end of December draws near
We celebrate a new year
But the snow keeps falling
As school gets back in kids get depressed
But there is always hope for a snow day

The weather stays stagnant for a few months
Its starting to get warm now
As I sit and watch the snow melt
I think of all the good times it brought
Until next year

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