September 27, 2016
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Today is not like Yesterday,
Nor like Tomorrow,
In that I am always living Today,
And Yesterday is but the cool breeze
On a summer day
That stirs up memories
I can only see through blurred glass,
And Tomorrow is but a pair of sunglasses
I have yet to own,
That I see through two-sided mirrors,
That I see through the lack of money in my pockets,
That I see with some kind of optimism,
Yet the sunglasses know better.


Today is a blank canvas,
Yet I always seem to paint the same picture,
With the same people,
With the same mistakes,
With the same colors—
However, when I make such mistakes,
I make sure to cover them up
With a little bit of difference,
Fix the crooked lines with smiles,
The setbacks with lifted chins.
I may not be able to afford sunglasses,
Nor breezes,
But I can afford Today.


And so I may shield the sun from my eyes
With an outstretched hand,
And so I may create a breeze with my
Let the fools who dream of Yesterday
Let the pessimists hoping for a better Tomorrow
But let me and my Today live in peace,
As we are settling with what we are given,
And reaping what we sow,
And such is not a bad life,
So long as you make sure not to
Worry about the issues that don’t concern you

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