September 27, 2016
By Anonymous

Outside since birds have gone south,
the thick glistening white cloak hides the frostbitten ground.

Crystals of unique patterns and sizes form from bushels of sub-zero ice clouds.

The whipping wind comes in the most randomest ways,
biting your skin with needle like blades.

Icicles of all lengths hang like frozen shards from past shattered swords,
forming until thousands upon thousands make a wintery ice hoard.

Breaths from unknown creatures, spiral and sparkle like diamonds reflecting all the winters day features.

The cold stillĀ  night is darkened from hidden moon rays.

Gentle specks of soft snowflakes lay down on the thick blanket of others until the next day.

The author's comments:

Well I was watching frozen and I was fasinated by the changing snow in the film everything thing inspired me.

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on Oct. 7 2016 at 2:15 pm
Garrett1.carrot PLATINUM, Enterprise, Utah
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"Just YELL chicken... or butterfly"

I hope you like this poem please check out my others!:)


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